Most Common Types of Online Trading

The Internet gives us plenty of possibilities and makes everything available. Online trading has long become accessible to many people all over the world, and it is one of the very popular ways of earning money.

Advantages of online trading

Online trading has plenty of advantages for traders. First of all, it is global. This means that it covers the markets from all over the globe, so you can be situated in Europe and trade on a Japanese market, for example. It is also easily accessible for the people from any country in the world. You need the Internet connection and a computer, and some platforms even allow trading from a mobile device. This means that online trading allows you to trade from the comfort of your home, or from any other place where you feel comfortable.

0625_workfromhome_630x420Online trading enables potentially high earnings, especially if you have some previous trading experience and you know the markets. If not, there are lots of educational materials online. E-books, video tutorials, blogs, and seminars are available for everyone who wants to learn about trading, so you do not have to be an experienced trader if you want to start trading. The most common and most popular trading types are Forex, stock trading, and binary options, and they have millions of users on all continents.

Forex trading

Forex trading is the over-the-counter market, open 24 hours a day. Since you trade currencies on this market, there are currencies from different countries, from different continents. Thanks to the difference in time, there will always be one of the main markets open when you want to trade. There is a European, American and Asian market, and you can access any of them as a trader, depending on the time of day when you trade.

Stock trading

Stock trading used to be available only in physical markets, like The New York Stock Exchange. Thanks to the Internet, you can now trade stocks of large companies from any place with Internet connection. Stock markets are available only at specific times of the day. Therefore, the stocks you trade determine the time when you will need to be online. The success of stock trading is largely determined by knowledge and the analysis of the market and the companies whose stocks you trade.

Binary trading

Binary trading has been an additional part of Forex market for over 30 years. However, it became independent in 2008, and it is growing in popularity. It is a separate trading market, but it allows you indirect trading of Forex and stocks, but also of other assets like commodities. With binary options, you do not buy and sell these assets directly, but you predict if their price will rise above or fall below a certain value. If you make the correct prediction, you earn money.


Since binary options are rising in popularity, the number of binary brokers is constantly rising as well. There are also many automated systems are available for binary trading, such as the signals, ranked best to worst at Top 10 Binary Singals. This gives online trading a new dimension because it is possible to use a program that will trade instead of you.